One of the most important decisions to make when planning your bridal look is your hair style. Do you grow your hair, which colour, what style will go with my headpiece…it’s a very complex situation! I spoke to Bec from Dextress Hair to find out which styles are trending this year for brides. The results are shockingly helpful:

Try a delightful water wave, so Art Deco, so cool and looks smashing on short hair. A padded headband in the hair is also a good pick.

Lots of texture and braids and loads of accessorising. Think hair bouquets, silk scarves, pearls, silk and velvet bows… keep it interestingly feminine. A tulle turban is a sophisticated addition.

A sleek centre part or milk-maid braids are great for long hair as seen on the Ines de Santo catwalks.

Your wedding dress style will dictate your hairstyle so now that you know what kind of styles are current, match it to your dress and switch it up! Oh Hello Bride can make you pretty much any type of headpiece you desire, we are that clever.

xx OHB

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