So you can’t have the lovely big or even small wedding that you had planned because of the restrictions on event numbers. This is regrettable for many reasons and we hear your pain. How will people see how much trouble you went to and how excellent you are at planning a great party? What about all the pre wedding party memories? How will all the exes see your wedding socials? Who is going to tan you? Who is going to do your lashes? How will people taste that cake? Nobody will see your dress and how you are the most beautiful bride ever seen? It is horrendous and it is indeed cry worthy.


You are getting married in order to marry your person right? And in that case, when you forget about everyone and everything else, you still have the only thing required to have a great wedding day.

I suggest you still get married during Corona. I suggest this because what could be more intimate, more passionate and more lovely than just you and your person telling each other in whispers and smiles how you are going to be there with them for the rest of their life? You can look deep into their eyes and hearts without worrying about what anyone else is thinking or photographing. You can make a raw declaration of love and devotion and I can promise you that when you’re the only people in the room that the whole vibe is just pure love. Not sure why, I mean it is of course great having all your favourite people around…there’s just something so utterly romantic about it just being the two of you.

So do a ‘war time’ type wedding, grab a cute outfit, tie your hair back if you can’t style it or pop a headband on, do your makeup cos you know you can, self tan if you must, magnetic lashes or fakeys are fine, dolly up your living room or garden or even paint your front door a cool colour and use it as a backdrop, order a great meal from your favourite restaurant and a mini cake from your cake maker, get your florist to drop off pretty fleurs and get your celebrant and photographer to witness your signatures…and then plan the biggest freaking party for apres Corona and renew your vows under the moonlight…

Because love is love, wherever it is.

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