When I first dreamt up this business over Christmas 2018, I envisaged beautiful soft colours of pinks and peaches and golds and a brand that was a glowing warm feeling of love and whimsy. And all was well for a while…then storms hit. Some storms were lightening shows, some were cyclones. The biggest storm was pandemic sized. And all of a sudden, the colours of my glowing warm branding were making me feel panic and sadness. Panic about the state of our economy and sadness about all the bridal dreams including my bridal business dreams. After a time of reflection and a spot of sage burning, I realised that in order for me to feel excitement and happiness for my business again, I needed to make some changes, visual and non-visual.

Visually, I needed to be around colours and elements that looked like ME, not just a vision of what I imagined my business ought to look like. I am by nature quite eccentric, quirky, childlike and ridiculous but at the same time clever, innovative and responsible. Bear with me, I’m boosting my own self esteem! A warm sensible traditional colour scheme is not how I live so I changed it – our new Oh Hello Bride colours are fun and happy and different to everyone else. And every time I see the colours I feel delight and I forget about the raging viral war outside. And this is exactly how I want our customers to feel too, as though the world continues as a unicorn in a storm cloud, the beacon of happiness to all the changes they have to make to fit their dream wedding into new guidelines.

Non-visually, I have made changes to how I feel about the storms. They do pass. Some like a kidney stone, but they will pass and the sun always comes out.

So welcome to the new Oh Hello Bride. A world of candy and gelato, of strawberry lipstick and pink classic cars, of glittery heels and bubble baths. And in the midst of all of this, dreamy wedding dresses adding the forever in love white calm to a pretty world…exactly how getting married should feel.

X Jodie

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