*DISCLAIMER: if you do not mind your ‘ageing’ bits and will wear whatever you damn well want, then there is no reason to read this blog. You do you! I am sure you do you perfectly.

Getting married for the first, second, fifth time and you’re over fifty? Congratulations! We firmly believe here at OHB that getting married is all about LOVE and not the way you look BUT as a salon primed for making people look and feel beautiful, our emphasis in this blog is on the way to dress. Let’s get down to it then!

Do you feel like there are some things you ‘shouldn’t’ do because you’re a bit older? Let us think about this for a minute. You still think and feel like your younger self, yes? Do you look like your younger self? Are you a J Lo? Are you a Helen Mirren? If you are a J Lo, stop reading now and go wear anything a younger bride would because #yougogirl. Most of us mere mortals however, well we experience these middle age things like SPREAD and WRINKLED DECOLLETAGE and SUN SPOTS and SAGGY ELBOWS. The face, well it is entirely up to you if you’re au naturel or plumped and chances are definitely high that whichever you are, the person you’re marrying just LOVES HOW YOU LOOK. So I say forget comparing yourself to others, especially celebs because they have a lifestyle completely different to regular folk and unless you are drinking adrenochrome, you are GOING TO AGE. And therefore, you might like to dress to suit your body.

You of course do not need to wear white or any version of white and should you choose not to, look at metallics and greys and blushes. Once paired with a great little bouquet, you will look like the most stylish bride on earth!

Here are some lovely gowns that cover all the bits that are showing signs of wear and tear.

This style is great for big busts, covers elbows and knees, gives a really good shape and is easy to move about in. Drop earrings and perhaps a coloured shoe for a pop of delight.

The addition of a collar ensures that any crepey neck is hidden and this style looks fabulous with short hair or a sleek non-granny bun. The skirt on the shirt dresses can be full or fitted, depends which body part you want to cover. Also great as a two piece!

This look is wonderful for the smaller busts and suits short or tall ladies. In a tea length full or a mid calf pencil also, this is a classic Caroline Bessette Kennedy style which suits all ages really. This dress doesn’t need anything but a bold lip and cool shoes.

Love lace? Do it in a fresh, modern way. The sleeves on this style cover any arm hang-ups and the flowing skirt gives it a whimsical modern edge. The lace across the chest hides any décolletage disorders. I would wear this with a good blow out and some statement earrings.

Again for the lovers of lace but in a style that suits those with hips. Let your pretty ankles shine through. Match this with a great hat and some elegant earrings.

A classic suit but in a really Vogue looking way. The hat is the perfect accessory for this otherwise plain suit yet the beaded collar gives it a very Parisian edge. If you have good knees, go slightly above and if you want to hide your knees, go mid calf. Edgy earrings a must.

And finally a glorious pant suit, this one in glittery soft gold. The sparkly fabric will light up your face, whether in a metallic or a white. Wear this with a great cuff, plain heels and a great blow out, perfect.

So there you have my top picks for older brides. Be creative, embrace your aged bits and don’t hide behind mauve satin. And as my mother said, LOVE IS BLIND TO THE SAGGY BITS. You go get married like a Queen.

Jodie x

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