Have you decided which song will be the soundtrack to your wedding entry? Just in case you don’t have a firm fave, we have put together our top ten to save you. Be warned, we are not traditionalists!

  1. This Is Love by PJ Harvey

  2. My Favourite Thing by Silverchair

  3. Beautiful by Little Birdy

  4. Whats New Pussy Cat by Burt Bacharach

  5. Across The Universe by The Beatles

  6. Chapel Of Love by The Dixie Cups

  7. How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding

  8. Moon River by Henry Mancini

  9. Rollercoaster by Machine Gun Fellatio

  10. God Only Knows by The Beach Boys

And remember, walk slow, breathe in the atmosphere, walk to the music, smile at all your lovely guests and really enjoy the walk to your new spouse. Also, walking slow looks really good in video, just saying.

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