What is the colour of 2020? Well, according to Pantone, Rulers of Colour, it is CLASSIC BLUE. You might be wondering how you can incorporate classic blue into your wedding? Let me give you some ideas.

1 The Boys. Whether it be a cool velvet jacket or a suit (try Wil Valor for seriously cool ones) or even suede shoes (Light In The Box have a good selection), this is a super easy way to be on top of colour trends.

2 The Girls. A long classic blue dress is nice but let’s ham it up a little. Imagine the girls in cute sailor inspired dresses, like Chanel C1925. Perfect for a seaside wedding and easy to wear again. Or if they are in a neutral tone, maybe some lavish blue gem earrings, oo la la. Obviously they can pair their dresses with…

3 Flowers. So you might be thinking nuh uh, I ain’t having those colour sprayed flowers and you are indeed correct here. Those should be banned. But imagine a bunch of anything tied with classic blue ribbon? So…classic! Greenery, whites – ranunculus, peony, hydrangea etc or a fully blown coloured extravaganza.

4 Continue this floral fantasia into the ceremony and reception flowers for consistency. Imagine floral baubles on the aisle seats with lush classic blue bows or ties. Nice. And then of course there is…

5 Styling in general. Here is where you can go nuts. I once did a magnificent wedding with classic blue satin cloths and napkin ties, gold chargers and glasses and then popped a pink colour wash over the whole thing. It was outstanding if I may say so myself. You could do a classic blue and white striped napkin, classic blue menus and cards with white printing, classic blue toile cloths, glassware, taper candles, an art deco moon with classic blue feathers for photos, classic blue curtaining, a totally properly curated sweet buffet (think mini classic blue donuts, macarons, jellies etc)…the world is your classic blue oyster. Whilst we are talking about food…

6 How about a classic blue signature cocktail? Try this: cranberry juice, citron vodka or vodka, blue curacao, lime juice and of course rim your glasses with crystallised sugar and pop a lime wedge…just one per guest on arrival should set the tone for the evening beautifully.

7 Don’t forget your cake. Whether it’s hand painting or colour washing or one tier or the entire thing in a classic blue icing, any cake with this outstanding colour will literally take the cake. Just type classic blue cake into Pinterest or Insta and there’s a world of inspiration for you.

8 What other colours go with classic blue? Besides white, ivory, blush, ruby, cranberry, any green, pastel lemon, pale blue, gold and pearl, lots of colours!

9 But because we are all about the BRIDE I would like to suggest you wear a simply ridiculously awesome hot and amazing pair of classic blue heels. You need ‘something blue’ anyway right? Just do it. My favourite, favourite shoe people are in Greece, Once Upon A Shoe.

10 And finally, wherever you pop a bit of classic blue in your wedding, remember when ‘themeing’ that less is more and figure out the balance of colours before you get carried away…I mean, you could just have an all white wedding looking onto the classic blue ocean et voila, you are so 2020 darling.

Happy Planning! xx Jodie

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