Updated: Dec 8, 2020

As we approach the end of a really fun COVID influenced year (YAY!) we're already seeing some fabulous upcoming trends in the bridal industry as we dance our way into 2021 - and we're excited!

With designers and brides alike being heavily influenced by the awfulness of 2020, bridal fashion in 2021 is trending in two distinct directions:

1. Continuation of Minimalistic Style

Simple, elegant wedding gowns with clean silhouettes reminiscent of the nineties. This means sheaths and handkerchief skirts. BUT because people want to glam up their now simple weddings, they are doing these gowns in soft Mikado silks, taffeta – they are simple but don't be deceived, they are anything but boring!

2. The F*** It

Yes, the F*** It. Let's face it, there's no better description for it (and quite frankly, a fab attitude to have - this is definitely our fave!) This is the trend for fantastical, elaborate wedding dresses... they are theatrical and indulgent. Think long, flowing trains, giant back bows, dramatic necklines, sleeves of all shapes and whimsical, floral "Alice in Wonderland" type prints.

Whether going Minimalistic or saying F*** It, both bridal styles are going to be worn in lovely pastels or lots of sparkle or modern lace.

Covered up and demure or with low seductive backs – brides are doing whatever the heck they want in 2021 and there’s no apology. It’s fabulous.

Add in jumpsuits, kaftans, tiny dresses with feathers and ruffles and indulgent capes – all size inclusive and all pandemic exclusive.

2021: It's time to party. LET'S DO IT!

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